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More and more companies are moving towards highly flexible products like Linux and Open Systems. These same companies are seeking out truly independent sources of technical and help-line support. Linux the non-proprietary and low cost solution is one such system designed to meet the needs of large organisations, and it is finding a home where it is recognised that expensive license fees are an unnecessary burden and that there are cost effective alternatives.

Enterprise Management Consulting (EMC) recognised that to operate successfully in this highly competitive market they could establish their Linux help line services anywhere. Anywhere that is, where the right people could be recruited easily, and a value for money, high-spec office sourced. The Western Isles met all EMC’s criteria and more.

EMC has taken the lease on an office building at South Dell, Ness in the most northern part of the Isle of Lewis. The new offices will also be the company's main Icon sales office. Icon is a Linux based network server, which allows customers and engineers to configure their network, and provides all the usual office functions such as email and diaries in one package.

Malcolm and Pam Macsween established EMC in 1995. They have established an excellent reputation within the industry, and clients include a well known financial institution and a major regulatory authority within the European Union. The business currently employs a team of five, but they envisage that within the next two years they will be employing up to 20 staff in Lewis.  A funding package from Western Isles Enterprise (WIE) is helping the MacSweens expand the business and establish EMC’s base in the Western Isles.

Malcolm Macsween was originally from Lewis but left the island as a teenager, moving to the USA with his family. Malcolm has worked for high profile companies in the UK and US. Malcolm and Pam took a holiday on Lewis years later where they picked up on information that Western Isles Enterprise and partner organisations were trying to attract high quality IT jobs to the area. They were impressed by the quality of life being enjoyed by local residents. The excellent education system, health care services and access to sport and cultural facilities also played a significant part in their decision-making.

Malcolm and Pam realised that there was nothing to stop them taking their IT jobs to an island location, and the high standard of graduates in the area was a key attraction for EMC. The Macsweens know from experience how difficult it can be to recruit and retain good staff in London – the Macsweens simply saw the Western Isles as a smarter place for EMC to do business.

Work Global and Western Isles Enterprise worked closely with Malcolm to ensure that EMC could be established with relative ease. In addition to providing office accommodation with leading edge technology, Work Global’s database cut down the time and cost of recruiting staff. Candidates were identified with the very high level of skills required by EMC, and from the initial shortlist, Malcolm quickly created 5 new jobs, which would form the core of EMC’s new help-line support service.

EMC's Linux Centre in the Western Isles is well placed to deliver services in the rapidly expanding open systems market to customers all over Europe. Government and public sector agencies are now actively considering Linux as an alternative to more costly licensing arrangements for software from other vendors. EMC’s new centre will be among the first independent sources of telephone support for Linux in the UK. Work Global and Western Isles Enterprise plan to continue to work with and support EMC to ensure that the company capitalises on its visionary development in the Western Isles.

Malcolm MacSween can be contacted at his Ness office on:
T: 01851 810888
M: 07966 541319

Or alternatively contact the London office
T: 020 8659 2000