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iomart Group plc and Sendmail Inc. announce business-critical email platform

iomart Media Release - 2000-07-22

First European large-scale email hosting solution incorporating statement presentment and e-billing

First European large-scale email hosting solution incorporating statement presentment and e-billing

London - June 22, 2000 - Integrated telecommunications and Internet services company, iomart Group plc, and Sendmail Inc., provider of the next generation Internet Mail routing solution, today announced a major email platform featuring secure email billing.

The strategic partnership on the iomart email hosting platform will bring sharp focus to revenue-generating email services on a highly scalable, rapid and top performance email platform and hosting solution, provided by Sendmail Inc.

The many features of the multi-million user-capable platform provided by Sendmail, include software from Messaging Direct and the email-based billing module, MBill that is founded in cryptographically secure email. Mbill allows bills to be delivered directly to the customer's inbox, eliminating the need for paper invoicing and dramatically reducing paper costs.

Bill Dobbie, Business Development Director, iomart Group plc, said today: "MBill will revolutionise the way that companies bill their customers. We have huge billing requirements, and MBill allows us to address these in ways that suit the habits of our online customers perfectly. MBill also gives us immensely powerful Internet-based up-selling and referral capabilities that will be vital in deepening and extending our customer base."

The iomart email hosting platform will debut Sendmail's versatile Large Scale Hosting Solution in Europe and incorporate embedded anti-virus protection technology at gateway level. The cutting edge mail hosting solution also brings other vital benefits, including optimised access, intelligent caching, flexible growth, web based administration and almost endless configurability.

The core components of the email platform are directory servers capable of holding millions of customer entries, Sendmail's best-in-class mail routing and hosting engines, and an extensible API that supports rapid provision of added value services such as virus scanning, secure mail, document archiving, calendaring and Web-based mail.

"iomart is providing an invaluable service to literally millions of users as e-business continues to grow in the UK, and we are very happy to be able to offer the right hosting solution to support this huge demand," said Greg Olson, President and CEO at Sendmail. "The partnership will further strengthen iomart's comprehensive offering, providing users with a first class service which is reliable, secure and highly scalable."

"iomart and Sendmail are delivering a world class email solution for business customers at a time when the Internet's all pervasive importance is being underlined on a daily basis. Email is the lifeblood of the Internet, and iomart and Sendmail are working closely to give business users not only cutting edge email hosting with automatic e-billing but peace of mind with virus free mail," said iomart Group plc Technical Director, Dr Neil Finlayson.

He added, "This alliance with Sendmail will secure for iomart a major competitive edge not only in the UK but across Europe. Sendmail is an industry standard in its own right and we are delighted to be enhancing our email architecture in this way."

The iomart email hosting platform campaign will be aimed at businesses looking to outsource their business-critical email requirements. "The Design Partnership will make iomart our number one ISP/ASP Customer in Europe, and we are delighted to be delivering the platform to iomart in late August," added Mike Gray, UK MD at Sendmail.