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Madasafish Steps Into Unmetered Vacuum

News Release - 2000-07-20

GLASGOW and LONDON (September 20, 2000) - With the UK internet community grappling with BT over the complexities of teasing out a viable unmetered access model in the wake of the AltaVista debacle, one UK ISP, Madasafish ( has quietly launched its own flat fee surfing package.

Unlike its counterparts earlier this year, Madasafish (, part of integrated telecommunications and internet services company, iomart Group plc, has soft launched TimeZone, with priority going to members who pre-registered for the deal.

Keen to avoid the pitfalls starkly illustrated by others recently, Madasafish is carefully staging its unmetered roll out, connecting users in pre-determined batches in order to maintain Madasafish's well earned reputation for quality and lack of network congestion.

Said Madasafish CEO, Angus MacSween: "We promised unmetered access for our members earlier this year, and now we are delivering on that. Other ISPs rushed to clamber on the bandwagon, with varying degrees of disaster, but we were anxious to take our time and get our package right first time. The TimeZone deals, allied to our classic 0845 dial up connection, widens the choices available to Madasafish members based on their present and future internet usage."

Madasafish members are being advised to work out their internet call charges from previous BT bills and compare the figures with the flat rate TimeZone offers.

Added MacSween: "Our TimeZone deals are just that. The payment charges are transparent as is the access. Madasafish members have always enjoyed the best internet service around, no downtime, no engaged tones and first class support. Now, too, they can surf with Madasafish and not worry about their phone bill."

The TimeZone deals give Madasafish members unmetered access for a cheap and straightforward flat rate monthly fee. TimeZone Lite costs 11.99 per month for unmetered access during evening and weekends. TimeZone Total costs 27.99 per month for unmetered access all day every day.

Fully supported at normal call rates, TimeZone is currently being offered to Madasafish members using normal BT telephone lines, but Madasafish say they are investigating other ways of routing calls to enable wider usage of their TimeZone unmetered access.